PTA fundraisers support various programs and events throughout the school year.

  • Safety Patrols
  • Anti-Bullying Campaign Funds
  • Teacher Hospitality and Assistance
  • Student Support
    • Student Assistance
    • Grade Field Trips
  • School Support
    • Arts
    • Music
    • Health Room
    • Testing Day/Night Support
    • Kindergarten Orientation
  •  Events
    • Family Bingo Night
    • Family Bowl Night
    • Movie on the Lawn Night
    • International Heritage Night
    • Talent Show
    • Career Day
    • 5th Grade Promotion
  • Clubs

Some of the types of fundraising activities include:

  • General Mills box tops
  • Fall and Spring Book Fairs
  • Dine out with the family in support of Brown Station
  • Grants applications

For more information view a list of upcoming fundraisers

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